Behind the Cosplay: An Introduction

Welcome to the cosplay side of my blog!

If you have not been following me on Instagram or Twitter, or read my post about why cosplay brings me joy then here is the introduction that I am a cosplayer.

Long story short, I have been cosplaying since 2018. That was the year I showcased my versions of Eleven from Stranger Things and Rey from Star Wars at Emerald City Comic Con. And have been hooked ever since!

When I first got into cosplaying, I did not really have a plan on what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted to dress like my favourite characters and go to various comic cons and other events when I had the time and money. However, I knew I wanted to do more instead of just letting my outfits sit in my closet until the next one.

And then the world went into lockdown and everything was either closed and / or cancelled. I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. (And to be honest, I am still working out my ideas which will continue to evolve as time goes on.) And then came September 2020, the year when the annual Twilight Saga festival, “Forever Twilight in Forks Festival”, was hosted virtual and I truly discovered the world of Twilight cosplay through the means of the festival and then later on social media. It was from there that the first spark of my new idea started.

My inspiration for my idea came from seeing other people create these beautiful Twilight Saga aesthetic Instagram accounts for various characters. However, I knew that I did not want to make separate social media accounts for any of my characters, Twilight related or not. (I felt like it would bring unnecessary pressure to myself in always having to create content for one character on one account.) I then remembered that I had a blog which would be a great place for my idea to come to life on, alongside with my Instagram account.

Thus begins my new cosplay related blog posts!

In-Character Blog Post

These blog posts will be told as if the character is speaking instead of me. I wanted to create a space where my version of the character can come to life and tell their own story. The blog post titles will link itself to the character in some way. Within these posts will be little snap-shots of their story told through the means of photos and words. Those words will either come from their books, tv shows, and movies. Some words might be made up by me that I felt like the character might say but these will not happen often since I want to stick with canon material as much as possible while still making it my own. These means some characters might only get one post to their name while others will have much more to say and show. I have more passion for other characters while some are more one and then I am done with them until who knows when. At the end of the day, I want to show the rich stories that these characters are a part of and I feel like this is the space to do it. (Do not worry, I will be posting some of those pictures on my Instagram as well. However, the blog will have all the content while social media will have snippets of it.) This content will be found under the “Cosplay” tab on the blog.

“Behind The Cosplay: -“

These blog posts will be all the behind-the-scenes things that I want to discuss. After each new “in-character” post, I will be posting a “behind the cosplay” post detailing about the character and a little about their story to help one understand who they are in a more general way. In turn I plan on using these posts to give more details about the wardrobes I am creating for those selected characters. Anything that is not “in-character” cosplay, you can find it within these cosplay posts. These posts will cover a range of topics in possible creations or behind-the-scene photos on the character. The possibility is endless with these! This content will be found under the “Fashion” tab on the blog since it deals more with the details of what the character is wearing and style.

Currently, my mind is keeping me very busy in creating these worlds and I cannot wait to share here and on Instagram. If you are not following any of these, you are more than welcome to.

I want to give the biggest thank you to all who inspired and continue to inspire me to get to this point where I can create my own magical world while living my real one at the same time!

Lots of Love,

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