Getting Into the Autumn Spirit

Autumn is finally upon us and the start of my favourite time of year is almost here! (We are so close to October!)

I know everyone does the seasons differently but here are five ways that I get into the autumn spirit!


There is something refreshing when changing decorations around your place and this time is no exception! My decoration collection is pretty small since I am not a huge fan of the season or Halloween. I did not mind Halloween when I was younger but now that I discovered cosplay, I can wear costumes whenever and eat candy no matter the time of year. I do have a few things that related to Halloween but nothing over the top. However, I enjoy seeing the small things that I have around. I like to keep it very simple.

Watch a Movie.

While I am not into anything horror or thriller movies, my list is very small during this time period. The one movie that I do make sure I watch every year is Disney’s Tower of Terror. I love this movie so much and the ending always makes me cry without a doubt. I might also put on Disney Channel’s Halloweentown High which is another favourite but that is pretty much all the movies I care to watch during this season. (And I probably watched this movie when it premiered on Disney Channel in 2004.) I might also put on the Hallmark Channel when I am in the mood as well.


You know it is the autumn season when those sugar cookies with the pumpkins or ghosts are finally back in the store. What else would be needed? (Okay, maybe some banana bread or apple pie!)

Get Cozy.

This could easily mean getting out those cozy blankets that have been stashed away since spring or those sweaters that are just dying to be worn once again since the weather is cooling down. I know that I have been excited to be able to wear my leg warmers once again. They are a game changer when the weather gets cooler. (Even when there is snow on the ground during winter.) Also getting into your tea stash and feeling cozy with a good book to read with candles lit all around.

Prepare for Christmas Time.

Everyone has their opinions on when to put up their Christmas decorations. However, I am one of those people who puts their’s up roughly up after Halloween. To be honest, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated in a few countries worldwide, so why should I have to wait to put up my decorations until after? No way am I waiting for the end of November for that! Plus Christmas decorations are a bit more of my cup of tea than autumn decorations. (Also, I have put up Christmas decorations in October before Halloween!) Just do whatever you want and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Now I pass off the question to you, what do you do to get into the autumn spirit? Leave a comment below!

Lots of Love,

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