2020 Quarterly Bookshelf (Apr. – Jun.)

Oh look, another three months have passed by a bit too quickly for my liking!

In book related news, I was able to complete my yearly reading goal of 15 books in May. The only minus side since finishing that goal, I have been in a reading slump that I hope to be out of soon but who knows.

*Beware! There might be some spoilers in my reviews!*

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, #1) by James Patterson

“Six unforgettable kids — with no families, no homes — are running for their lives…” (Full Summary)

Most of the people I know discovered this book series in or around middle school which was about the same time for me. I found the book on a free cart at the base library where I had book club meetings for most of elementary and middle school years. I remember founding it interesting back then and this reread of the book was no exception. I am not always the biggest fan of fast pace books because I do like details but I like the characters too much to care about that. I mean, who wouldn’t want wings so they can fly and kick some butt when needed? While I still have not finished the book series in its entirety, that has not stopped me from finding out how it ends which I will not give away right now!

Alinora by Kara Lockley

“Lily had almost everything she ever wanted. Good friends, a nice house, a thriving career. The only thing missing was love…” (Full Summary)

I think this was one of my first adult romance books that I had first read back in 2011. This book is very tame, so reading it on the cusp of high school I do not think did any damage, or at least I do not think it did. It has been awhile since I last read it, so this reread was very much needed. Plus it was updated with an epilogue which made it even more better! If you want a short story about another place that is filled with love, peace, and happiness then pick this book up.

Meet Me in Scotland (Kilts and Quilts, #2) by Patience Griffin

“You can run from your problems, but you cant hide from love in the Scottish seaside town of Gandiegow…” (Full Summary)

Let’s just say I am hooked on this book series and the desire to move to Scotland goes more and more each day. Thanks to my aunt for getting me hooked and helping me make my first quilt. While I do prefer the first book, this was pretty good. I did have some issues with Claire and her problem, however the ending made up for all that. I am still surprised that I do love this book because I like reading a series with the same main characters that were introduced in the first book but do not I seem to have any issues with this series that changes main characters in each book. I do plan on finishing all the books in the series.

Some Like It Scottish (Kilts and Quilts, #3) by Patience Griffin

“Kit Woodhouse’s matchmaking business is such a success, she’s expanding to the Highlands of Scotland where the hot, prosperous, and kilted are anxious to connect…” (Full Summary)

Ramsay is totally the Scottish gent that you can imagine when you think of Scotland, or maybe the second one! I love his relationship with Kit and how sweet of a person he can be when he realise why she is actually in Scotland. I did love this book a lot more than the previous one but I think that has to do with the characters more than anything.

The Accidental Scot (Kilt and Quilts, #4) by Patience Griffin

“Christmas in the small village of Gandiegow brings holiday cheerand a chance for love between two strangers…” (Full Summary)

Right off the bat, this book was not my cup of tea at all. I had a difficult time getting into the characters and there were many times where I wanted to yell at them through the book for different reasons. There seem to be so much miscommunication which was driving me a bit up the wall. However, it did have some good parts, like the Scottish Men auction and how the characters were messing with each other on all levels. The ending was really sweet which helped me like a bit more in the liking department.

The Trouble with Scotland (Kilts and Quilts, #5) by Patience Griffin

“The quilting ladies of the Scottish village of Gandiegow are known to piece together more than just fabric…” (Full Summary)

This book was a big improvement from the last one! From the previous book, I felt like Ross was defiantly getting his own book which turned out I was right. Sadie and him are the cutest couple. The one thing that I love about these books is the sense of community and how everyone wants to protect everyone, either it be for good or bad reasons. To have the whole town there for you is something unique and seems rare in these days. Even though for most of the book, they were keeping my two favourites apart, love still conquers all!

It Happened in Scotland (Kilts and Quilts, #6) by Patience Griffin

“Christmas in the sleepy Scottish fishing village of Gandiegow this year is a time for quilting, patching up broken hearts, and rekindling an old flame…” (Full Summary)

I personally love any book that is set during the holidays so of course this was right up my alley and ticked all the boxes. I loved seeing the rekindling relationship of Rachel and Brodie and how much they really love each other. And let’s not forget about Hannah, Rachel’s daughter, who is the cutest little kid in Gandiegow. I almost what to make a Christmas Tree quilt to hang up in my place! Which might become a reality in the future…maybe this Christmas!

The Laird and I (Kilts and Quilts, Novella) by Patience Griffin

“Scotland is known for bringing reluctant hearts together…” (Full Summary)

While this is a novella instead of a novel, I still enjoyed the story a lot. It was interesting to read about a modern-day laird because the only ones I have read are set back in the 1700s in another amazing book series / tv show. This book is perfect for a relaxing night with a cup of tea.

Blame It on Scotland (Kilts and Quilts, #7) by Patience Griffin

“The quilters of Gandiegow expand more than their quilting enterprise into the village of Whussendale. They bring along a heavy dose of good-hearted meddling, too. What’s the outcome? Love will never be the same…” (Full Summary)

When I first started this book, I had a difficult time focusing on it. Maybe it was because my mind was not there or it was the story. However, I can tell that I enjoyed the book once my mind focused on it. I love seeing the powers of love and how it sometimes conquers anything. I enjoyed both love stories, one from the beginning and one that was already established but was dealt with tragedy. It was nice to see Tuck finally finding a place in the town and getting to know his story more, alongside some other favourites!

Kilt in Scotland (Ewe Dunnit Mystery / Kilts and Quilts, #8) by Patience Griffin

“The Kilts & Quilts saga continues with more than stitching and a love match. This time it’s mystery and murder…” (Full Summary)

To be honest, this book was not my cup of tea. I felt like the magic of the previous seven books did not show up in this one and it just fell a bit flat for me. This one did include a mystery which I thought was good, even though I kind of guessed who it was pretty quickly. However, I still enjoyed getting more information of our favourite people in Gandiegow and seeing how life was going for them.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer

“There are two sides to every story…You know Bella and Edward, now get to know Beau and Edythe…” (Full Summary)

I really, really enjoyed this book! This was my third time reading and it is still makes me very happy and wanting to go back to Forks, Washington one day. It does end differently than Twilight which is refreshing and making it not a recopy of the original story. The reason I decide to reread this book was because of the announcement of Midnight Sun, which is Edward’s point-of-view of Twilight. I cannot wait to read more about this world! Plus we have been waiting for many years for Midnight Sun to happen!

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading!

Again, I hope you are doing well and staying healthy during this time. Wishing you happiness from my little corner of the world.

Lots of Love,

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