September Favourites

What a busy month it had been for me!

At the beginning of the month, I started my new job and finally started to feel settled into my new place. Everything now seems to have a home and I am working on keeping the place as clean as possible. I am enjoying my job right now and the people I have met so far have been really nice and welcoming.

And with a more stable schedule, I have been able to put more energy in things that I want to do. While I am still trying to figure everything out, I was able to have some favourites this month.

Merlin (BBC)

Back around 2011 / 2012, I was well into my anything and everything British phase (Which to be honest has not ended yet!) where I discovered the show Merlin. It was defiantly up my alley with British actors and elements of fantasy. I was hooked within the first episode that I watched which at the time was actually the second season, not the first season. This is not the only time where I fell in love with something that I did not start at the beginning (Looking at you, Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz!). However, I never actually finished watching the series when it was airing, even though I knew the ending for so long. But within the last few weeks of September, I decided to watch and finish it. And there were many emotions expressed within that short period of time between the last two episodes of the series. I truly recommend this series, and you can watch it on Netflix right now!

Stitch Fix

With the start of my new job, this box could not have come sooner! This was the second time that I got one and I am just in love with it like the first time. I was lucky that I had the same stylist because she is doing an amazing job for me. I have been disappointed yet! This box was a prefect way to help me enter into the world of fall. Within the box this time, I received a flower print blouse, olive green cardigan, blue cargo jacket, high rise skinny jeans, and oval earrings. I am excited to wear these pieces in the future!

Autumn Woods (White Barn / Bath and Body Works)

This scent is like heaven in a bottle or something along those lines. When I bought this in the store, I actually bought two of them because I love it that much. And for some reason this scent makes me think of The Twilight Saga. So every time I enter my bedroom, my mind goes straight there. It is a bit weird but it is something that is just there in my mind. Please do tell me if there are any scents like that for you!

I hope your September was just as lovely and that you are preparing for what is my favourite time of the year. And I hope the weather starts to cool down for you, if you live in a location where it is still hot. For me, the end of September had a bit of snow touching the ground.

Lots of Love,

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