#ECCC 2018 – My Second Time

This past weekend was filled with everything a fangirl wanted and more!

This year I attended Emerald City Comic Con for the second time and it was just as magical as the first time. It truly is what my fangirl heart loves! And this year was a bit more special then last year because not only did I attend for three days instead of one, I also cosplayed for the first time.

I have never cosplayed before so this was a new area of exploring. And I enjoyed it a lot! (Expect possibly more in the future!)

Day One : Claire Inspired Look (Outlander)


Hot Topic is one of the best stores to buy anything fandom related. Ranging from Outlander to Stranger Things to Star Wars, Hot Topic has almost everything! Which is where my coat and dress came from. Thank you Outlander collection! Both the coat and the dress were designed in a 1940s look which really helped bring the look together with my curly hair and jewellery.

Day Two : MTV Punk Eleven (Stranger Things)

My closest and Goodwill have been my friend for this cosplay. On this day I even got to take a picture with Shannon Purser (Barb from Stranger Things). This was hands-down my favourite outfit of the weekend! I do see myself wearing this again at Halloween or another Comic Con. And the best part is that I can take it apart and wear the clothing for everyday use. Thank you Stranger Things for being set in the 80s!

Day Three : Rey (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)


Rey is one of my favourite characters from the sequel trilogy of Star Wars. I bought this cosplay outfit online and while I had to fix some things up, it turned out to be a great outfit. I was even asked if I could take a picture with someone while wearing it! Thank you to the person in a X-Wing pilot outfit!

Overall, I had an amazing weekend and got some amazing new fandom merch! And while I didn’t attend any panels again this year, just exploring the Show Floor was still a lot of fun! I love seeing what other people cosplay as.

And don’t worry I’m already thinking of at least one new cosplay idea! Stay tuned…

Lots of Love,

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