Mickey Mouse, Opera, and Tennis

To be honest, I miss the summer weather right now! A little bit ago I have returned to winter from my amazing trip to new places. I really enjoyed each place I stayed in and I would one hundred percent go back.

Shanghai Disney Resort

I really enjoyed checking off the last Walt Disney Park. And this park made it number one in my ranking system. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was so beautifully done and the lines were super short. It took me the five minute wait time to just walk to the ride itself! It did rain the first day but I wasn’t complaining since I’m from a naturally rainy place. The second day was a little more crowded but not to the level of Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort.

Sydney, Australia

I miss the heat! Before this trip, I never travelled below the equator line before and I would love to go back already. Being able to experience summer in January when I’m use to winter was just amazing. Walking around the Sydney Opera House was worth it and being able to go to different zoos and see all the platypuses! Sadly I didn’t get any pictures because they would turn out super dark. But look them up! It was also here where I got a little sunburnt! Remember to always put sunscreen on! I also went to Bondi Beach, which was amazing and the water felt so good! I also got to see The Hunger Games: The Exhibition but I will be writing another blog post on that because I feel like it needs one!

Melbourne, Australia

This was the last stop on the trip and while I didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, I did get to attend the Australian Open. If you don’t know what the Australian Open is it is a tournament for the sport of Tennis and is one of the Grand Slams. I used to play tennis back in high school so being able to see the pros play in person was really awesome. While in Melbourne, I did go to another zoo. In case you can’t tell, I like going to zoos.

Overall, the trip was a success and I enjoyed every moment. If you asked me if I would go back, I would hands down!

Lots of Love,

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